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Retail Delivery

The tenant fit-out process must be professionally managed to ensure that design standards are maintained, the common areas are protected and fit-out is completed in a timely manner to agreed plans, so that the full complement of tenants are ready for trade on the mall opening date. This will require:

  • Establishment of mall design standards and preparation of the Tenant Design Manual to ensure that these are accommodated in initial tenant design
  • Establishment of on-site working regulations, work permit requirements and logistical arrangements, all of which will also be included in the TDM
  • Detailed review of tenant plans to ensure that they are in compliance with mall requirements and that MEP provisions particularly in relation to re: extraction, grease traps, ecology units etc are fully adequate
  • Management and regular inspection of tenant fit-out works in progress to ensure compliance with agreed plans and finishing standards
  • Remedial action taken with tenants where fit-out progress is falling behind schedule