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Mall Design Optimisation

This will involve a detailed review of initial design proposals to ensure that these will be best suited for the maximization landlord returns on investment, while at the same time providing highly attractive retail space options for all retail sectors. This process will include an audit of all architectural and MEP plans to eliminate any potential issues, such as: This will be an exercise based upon empirical evidence and built upon a foundation of real market knowledge. It will typically include:

  • Excess common area at the expense of revenue generating space
  • Poor frontage to depth ratios
  • Blocked sightlines
  • Sizing of units unsuitable for market demands
  • Ensuring of adequate Vertical Transportation provision
  • Ensuring adequate MEP provision for all units, with particular focus on F&B uses
  • Review of logistics (BoH corridors, service lifts, rear access to units, delivery bays, acesss etc.)
  • Structural and loading issues
  • Life Safety provisions
  • Parking provision and design (including consideration of payment systems)